FSA's New Campaigns to Help Students

Beginning this month and running through mid-December, the Dept of Ed’s Office of Financial Student Aid (FSA) is beginning a campaign to assist students with repayment information.

The campaign will be targeted emails to borrowers whose grace periods are ending, borrowers who have falling behind in their payments, borrowers with higher than average debts, and borrowers who are in deferment or forbearance because of financial hardship or unemployment.

These emails should also be including a link to FSA’s repayment calculator and a link to FSA’s Income-Based Repayment (IBR) calculator. The emails will encourage borrowers to get in touch with their loan servicer and update their account.

Along with the email campaign, a social media campaign for all recent grad borrowers will include Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. These messages will include information about student loan repayment options, common mistakes, and general student loan advice.

For more information, click here to see the Dept of Ed’s press release announcing the campaigns.

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